RM20B for Third Link Bridge between Johor & Singapore?


THE proposed third link between Johor and Singapore may cost as much as RM20 billion, depending on the project structure and the starting points of the bridge in both countries.


People with first-hand information on the matter said Malaysia is mulling over whether to construct the bridge in Pasir Gudang or Pengerang, and get Singapore to link it to either Changi, Punggol or Tampines.

The distance between Pengerang and Changi is longer than from Pasir Gudang to Changi, which is about 2km.

Sources said if the line is built from Pasir Gudang to Changi via a bridge over water, it would cost RM3 billion to RM4 billion.

“If the government decides to build a tunnel between the two points, the cost will increase by threefold to around RM12 billion,” he said at a highway conference here, recently.

The source said the third bridge will cost about RM20 billion if Malaysia were to build a tunnel from Pengerang to Changi.

“A tunnel will cost three times more than a suspension bridge. The government will do a feasibility study on the project. It will be good for both Malaysia and Singapore as traffic at the Causeway and the Tanjung Kupang-Tuas Second Link is getting heavy,” the source said.

Both the Causeway and Second Link are heavily used because of the massive development in Iskandar Malaysia.

Works Minister Datuk Fadillah Yusof said recently Malaysia is studying the possibility of building a third link in view of the increasing traffic between both countries.




  1. Spend RM 12 billion to build a tunnel between Pasir Gudang and Pulau Ubin would be more sensible. It could focus and boost up the development of Iskandar Flagship D and Punggol Development.

  2. 2 causeway should be enough for the next few year development, as long as the immigration open more counters and increase the efficiency of the officer then the flow can be much more improved.

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