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Medini was not a word picked out of thin air to name what will be the most dynamic zone in Iskandar Malaysia. A long time ago, the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia was called Ujong Medini iskandar. It was only appropriate to bring back the name of what was once the most prosperous economic location of its time.

Within Iskandar Malaysia lies a burgeoning metropolis called Medini, that will further spur economic activities in the country. The multi-billion dollar Medini Iskandar Malaysia (Medini Iskandar) is set to be the pulse of Iskandar Malaysia, driving the economic growth region to unprecedented heights.

Medini is a Greenfield development spanning 2,230 acres designed to become the Central Business District of Iskandar Malaysia.




Medini is the heart of Nusajaya surrounded by established signature developments such as
EduCity, an international best-in-class education hub
Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios, with over 100,000 sqft of film stages
Kota Iskandar, the new Johor State Administrative Capital
Puteri Harbour, a premium waterfront development across the Straits from Singapore
Horizon Hills, home to one of the best golf clubs in the country
Hospitals and wellness e.g. Gleneagles Hospital
• Home to the newly opened LEGOLAND Malaysia Theme Park, the first Legoland in Asia and first Legoland outside of Europe.

Medini is a compelling proposition. As a place for lifestyle, business and living, Medini is the flagship development of Iskandar, an urban development in harmony with its natural setting. Across 908 hectares of prime land, Medini is set to become a destination city of global significance.


Medini Iskandar will be strategically developed into 3 district concepts:

1) Lifestyle & Leisure (North & South) – to redefine quality living. Includes retail promenade, hotels, residential townships, theme park, multimodal stations, a tertiary hospital and international schools. Spread over 704 acres of prime Medini land, the Southern Lifestyle & Leisure area will be home to a golf resort, wellness centres, amusement parks, boutique hotels, high-end residential properties, specialized retail malls, schools and recreational parks. This is the zone that Iskandar Residences Medini will be located, being the earliest zone to be developed before the rest. Enjoy the First Mover Advantage today!

2) Iskandar Financial District ( Business)- desire to excel in the competitive and ever changing financial world. Occupying 355 acres of Medini Iskandar, this financial district will host corporate office towers, business incubators, premium hotels, high end residential properties, a convention centre, premium retail complexes and luxury serviced apartments.

With a strong and efficient banking and financial climate, Malaysia is well-positioned to become a leading financial centre in the region. In particular, Iskandar Development Region’s various financial incentives and business-friendly regulations provide the promise of exciting investment opportunities. Investors in the Iskandar Financial District (IFD) will have a clear competitive edge.

3) Medini Central – strategically planned for efficiency, exclusivity, convenience and distinction, Medini Central Iskandar is divided into 3 main parcels: (a) Trade & Logistics Zone, (b) Creative Park/Zone and (c) Heritage Zone. Covering 125 acres, the Trade and Logistics Zone houses the operational aspect of Medini Central, offering world class integrated services including warehousing, distribution (transport and freight services), packaging and business process outsourcing.

Spread over 288 acres, the Creative Zone is the gateway and window to “Where The Future Begins” and will boast a high end infrastructure to support the transformation of Medini Central into the new age of high-tech; catering for international companies involved in creative research and development, animation, broadcasting, movies, digital content and application sectors.

Undoubtedly, the pride of a unique Iskandar Medini is the Heritage Zone approximately 210 acres. Boasting the development of exclusive high end landed properties, the zone will house condominiums offering one dreams, surrounded by an exclusive clubhouse and a resort hotel, a private school and a suburban commercial centre that will cater to all of one’s needs.


Pro-Business Friendly Medini

Companies enjoy:
• 10 year income tax exemption or investment tax allowances of 100% for 5 years
• Exemption from RPGT (Real Property Gains Tax)
• Import duty/sales tax exemption

Medini Projects

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